Like all good things in life, look after it and it will serve you well…

Breather Vent

Because our boards have a hollow air core, they utilise a breather vent - a waterproof, breathable valve that allows air pressure regulation.
Follow these simple guidelines to ensure years of hassle-free surfing.

  • Avoid leaving your board in heat over 40C for extended periods of time.
  • Ensure your breather vent is properly installed and done up tightly as per the recommended torque setting.
  • Replace your breather vent once every year, or after every 100 surfs - contact us at for replacements.

Minor Ding Repair & Maintenance

While Bosiny surfboards are engineered to be exponentially stronger and more impact-resistant than conventional polyurethane/epoxy boards, their final glassed coat means they can still incur minor surface dings from excessive wear and tear.

However, thanks to our impact-resistant wood-aramid composite skin, these will typically only be cosmetic marks in the outermost fiberglass skin rather than structural damage penetrating into the board's core.

Minor dings can be easily repaired at home or by ding repair professionals in the usual way.

Major Ding Repairs

In the rare case of a major ding that breaks through the wood/aramid layer, as may happen after a heavy direct collision with rocks or a car driving over it, please contact us for a repair advice.