A unique composition of new and old technology has come to fruition following an extensive RnD program at Bosiny Surf. Our chosen composition of materials and techniques strike a balance between performance, durability, weight, and sustainability. We believe this technology presents no compromise when compared to PU alternatives.

  • Our surfboards are equal in weight to their PU counterparts. For example, a 32L board weighs just 3.2KG.
  • To date, we’ve found it impossible to snap one of our boards and believe them to be 5 times more resistant.
  • Our construction techniques allow us to produce surfboards precisely as they were designed, meaning the performance on paper matches that at sea.
  • Our surfboards are some of the most sustainable on the market.

Sustainable thinking is always at the forefront of our decision making. We approach the concept from 3 points of view:

  • Using a majority of biodegradable and sustainable material.
  • Finding a composition that stands the test of time - we believe our boards are for life!
  • Utilising a fraction of synthetic material to boost longevity.

Our deck and bottom skins are glassed externally with one layer of 4oz fibreglass. Internally they have a thin layer of Kevlar. Whilst these materials are not biodegradable they only account for 3% for the boards composition by volume. Yet these materials, especially Kevlar, enable many additional years of use compared to conventional surfboards.

The skeleton and skin cores - which represent 23% of the surfboard - are made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable Paulownia wood.

 And the remaining 74% is air….

Using Kevlar not only produces incredible resistance to impact but it is also highly flexible. This translates to a lively surfboard with plenty of drive.