At Bosiny, we're pioneering cutting-edge surfboard construction methods that fuse advanced engineering with renewable, natural materials. Our technology represents a groundbreaking alternative to traditional 'Fibreglass & Foam' polyurethane (PU) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology, and it’s our mission to build surfboards that both match conventional surfboards in terms of performance, and far exceed them in terms of strength, durability and sustainability.

100% Bio-Epoxy Skin Coating 

The wood-aramid skin is glassed and sealed with an 100% bio-epoxy resin. Derived from plant-based sources, the resin is a by-product of the biofuel manufacturing process, so along with being completely non-toxic it is also utilising a recycled material stream.

This unique construction blends the beauty of wood with the toughness of aramid and results in boards that achieve the same weight and flex characteristics as PU/epoxy - but with vastly improved strength and longevity.